June 2017: Adventure Girls

Transformative. An experience that stays with you for a lifetime.  14-yr old (give or take) girls will travel to one of the most adventurous regions in America: California, with its deserts, mountains, tall trees, and beaches!

Through place-based and active learning experiences, students will become more active participants, more engaged learners, and stronger community members.  They connect with real places and real people first hand; their stress is lowered, their confidence raised. They become better stewards of places, communities, and their futures. They discover themselves, and find that they are enough. And they have the time of their lives!

Join the Adventure – apply here!  Pay online with credit card

  • The Summer Journey

    • Summer 2017 dates: June 16-26
    • Fly in-out of Las Vegas
    • Astronomy
    • Wildlife expeditions
    • Whitewater rafting
    • Canoeing/kayaking
    • Hiking in the mountains
    • Museums and concert halls
    • Beaches and surfing
    • Backpacking and canyoneering
  • Cost and payment schedule

    • Total program cost $1500 +airfare
    • Deposit and flight payment due February 28: $1000
    • Balance due June 1st
    • Checks payable to Summer Journeys
  • Preparation and team events

    Students meet before heading West:
    • Team dinner/event each month in the spring
    • Shared experience
    • Community formation
    • Service learning
    • Identity formation
    • Curriculum introductions
    • Fun activities
  • Curriculum highlights

    Curriculum includes field science practice in astronomy and ecology, service learning, communication skills, art and literature, outdoor skills, history, active lifestyle, reflection, and expedition behavior. Students participate in preparation and community formation prior to the culminating expedition to the Mountain West.
  • Experiential highlights

    Students experience amazing places, document their experiences, and enjoy living in intentional community with their peers. The experiential highlight of this program is the once-in-a-lifetime total solar eclipse. All this occurs within the emotional context of a team that benefits from the contributions each person makes to a successful expedition. Life-long memories and lasting friendships are formed.
  • Sample itinerary

    • Fly in to Las Vegas on June 16, first night in Summerlin hotel, go hiking in Red Rocks Park
    • Drive Northwest to the Eastern Sierra, hike and camp there
    • Drive Southwest to the Sequoia/Kings Canyon area, explore mountains, hot springs, and giant trees
    • Visit spectacular Monterey Bay and go out on the ocean to spot whales
    • Explore the waterfalls and black sand beaches of Big Sur
    • Spend two nights in Ojai, visit Patagonia headquarters, swimming holes, and surf breaks
    • Visit Malibu Beach and Hollywood
    • Learn to surf in Orange County
    • Finish up where we started - in Las Vegas