Rabbit Island

Document the power and beauty of the natural world.

Nature has been the subject of art, science, and literature for thousands of years. Summer Journeys and Rabbit Island have created a program that merges the three disciplines within the context of an expedition to a remote wilderness island.  Just like professional artists, scientists, and educators, high school students will spend a week on Rabbit Island living simply, practicing observation and inquiry, and creating products of the experience which may be published and displayed in a museum exposition.

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Rabbit Island Art and Ecology Expedition

  • Partnerships in the experience

  • Objectives of the experience

    Participants will:
    • Demonstrate the empirical nature of art and science - each is based on observation and design.
    • Document the power and beauty of the natural world
    • Document the biodiversity of the island through careful observation and illuminated field journaling
    • Contribute to a larger body of data through ongoing phenological study
    • Live simply and truly appreciate the experience of pure observation and thoughtful response
    • Connect with innovative and influential young artists from around the world
    • Create products born from the experience in order to share its essence with a broad audience
  • Products of the experience

    Products either created or received by participants:
    • Compendium of knowledge - a concise treatise published in book form
    • Participation in exposition at Northern Michigan Devos Art Museum
    • Original art, writing, design, and reporting of their experience
    • New connections with innovative and influential people from all walks of life
    • Increased environmental literacy and stewardship; ability to live easily yet with low impact
    • Valuable, unique, and impressive experience to add to their curriculum vitae
    • Transformed lives - people connected to authentic and enduring truths from primary sources
  • How to participate

    • Send your $250 deposit by April 15 2017
    • Send two pieces of your work (art, writing, media, research).  Don't worry about the medium, format, or genre.  Just send two pieces you invested yourself in and you like how they turned out.  Email to David at david@summerjourneys.org or mail to Summer Journeys, 2006 Wealthy St #201 SE Grand Rapids, MI 49506
    • Write a brief personal statement (fewer than 200 words) describing why you want to participate in Rabbit Island Art and Ecology Expedition
    • We will have meetings prior to traveling to Rabbit Island for everyone to get together and go over details.
  • Dates and Costs

    Dates and costs Important dates:
        • Summer 2017 - Team preparation meetings (dates TBA)
        • August 27-September 4, 2017 - Expedition to Rabbit Island
        • September 2017 - Reunion and preparation for publication and exposition
    Value, cost, and fees:
      • Value of this experience - hard to put a price tag on that.  It's immense. The program is a unique opportunity to participate in something very special.
      • The program cost is $1395. In some cases, we can reduce student costs through scholarships and financial aid. We are committed to finding ways to help students who want to participate but need financial assistance to do so.

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