What is Summer Journeys?

Summer Journeys transforms adolescents through experiential learning so they become stewards of their communities and selves.

Summer Journeys was founded in 2008 with a vision to help students understand, interact with, value and serve communities.

Through place-based education, we help students acquire knowledge, skills, and confidence to appreciate, and act ethically in the places they visit and call home.

Through adventure, travel, and relationship, we help students meet challenges, discover their strength, become stronger leaders, and create lasting memories.

The following progressions are fundamental to our programs:

  • Learn and then do.  And then share.
  • Start with principles, acquire knowledge and skill,  act in your communities
  • Personal, then local -> regional -> national -> global -> return home empowered.
  • Put the big picture up whole, then “dissect down to its foundations”
  • Continually include reflection and celebration


Get to Know Us.

    • Citizenship: Understand our rights and responsibilities as citizens.
    • Action: Act on what we learn. Learn and then do. Know and then share.
    • Relationship: Recognize everything is interconnected and be aware of ecological principles.
    • Conservation: Act as stewards of our resources.
    • Spiritual development: Craft a code of enduring principles from essential truths.
    • Justice: Help human and non-human communities have equal opportunity.
    • Active lifestyle: Get outside and move around (hike, climb, run, bike, paddle, ski, etc.).
    • Discipline: Engage serious study and practice to acquire knowledge and skill.
    • Leadership: Participate in situationally appropriate actions to help reach goals.
    • Enjoyment: Maintain a light, fun learning environment. Have dance parties. Eat ice cream.
  • Our objective is to foster increased:
    • self-worth, self-expression, confidence, and purpose.
    • interpersonal, individual, and group communication skills.
    • appreciation for diversity and inclusion.
    • knowledge of geography, ecology, and natural history.
    • sense of awe and wonder at the world we live in.
    • spiritual, moral, and ethical understanding and response.
    • environmental awareness and responsible action.
    • willingness to lead, meet challenges, and tolerate adversity.
    • positive social attitude, civic-mindedness, and compassionate service of others.
    • knowledge of the natural resources, magnificent landscapes, and public lands of the U.S.
    • outdoor skills (camping, hiking, climbing, paddling, etc.).
    • self-reliance, self-management, self care, risk assessment/management.
We introduce students to communities through direct contact and create a space in which their sense of awe and wonder develops. Students benefit from the authentic outdoor, cultural, historical, environmental, leadership, and educational activities on our program itineraries

They also benefit from the diversity of thought that a heterogeneous group of peers brings, and from the thoughtful responses and reflections that they bring to their journals, discussions, and prayers.

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